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Dear Valued Customers and Friends;

At Thompson Grain, our market area for purchasing grain has expanded and we plan on even more growth in the years to come.

Some history for those of you that are not familiar with Thompson Grain. It may sound like a new name, but we have very deep roots. Duane Thompson took over the grain portion of C.R. Zornow in 1995. They have been in the grain and edible bean business since 1948. In 1999 we made another move by purchasing R.B. Crowell & Son from Gordon and Thomas Crowell. This company has been around since 1930. This purchase gave Thompson Grain the availability to a mill in Clifton Springs along with a certified scale and farm store in Manchester and added bin space in both locations. Over 100 years of agriculture in their family ancestry exists.

At Thompson Grain, we try to offer a full line of agricultural products and services to fulfill your agricultural needs. From seed to fertilizers to the marketing of your grains, we market Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Barley, Rye, and Oats with trucking and storage available. At our Manchester location, we have fertilizer spreader rental along with seed, chemicals, wire and twine. We also carry bagged Dairy, Swine, Equine, and Chicken feed, along with bagged Corn, Scratch, Cracked Corn and Cleaned Oats which are available for whole sale and retail. At our mill, we clean oats, wheat and barley and cleaning plus treating is also done here for seed purposes in season.

We would like to thank the farmers for putting Thompson Grain at the top of your call list when it comes time to market grain. If you are one of the many that is marketing with us, thank you... if you have yet to give us a try, please do so. With our eye on customer service before, during and after the sale, our list of farmer/friends continues to grow. Word of mouth from a satisfied customer is still and will always be, our best advertisement. This is a reputation we want to have and will constantly strive to achieve. It is important that you have confidence in those you do business with.

Thank you for your past business and friendship. We greatly appreciate both!

Cash Buyers Of Grain, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Oats & Barley ... WE MOVE IT!
With storage and trucking available.
We clean most small grains for seed.

Corn - Soybean - Barley - Oats - Alfalfa -
Clover - Wheat - Rye - Bag Feeds - Straw -
Coal (bagged/bulk) - Key Stoker Coal Stoves -
Solar Salt - Hand Tools - Bird Feed -
Feeders & Pet Food
Seneca Castle - Hall - Clifton Springs - Manchester
Based in the Fingerlakes between Rochester and Syracuse

Thompson Grain
P.O. Box 36
2 Merrick Circle
Manchester, NY 14504
Fax: (585) 289-6123

  Duane Thompson
(585) 289-4016
Just off Rt. 21, Less than a mile from the NYS Thruway!
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